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Does the talent you seek exist? Where? Within budgeted compensation parameters? Is it feasible to do business in that location?

As a recruiter or recruiting manager, how many times have you been given recruiting assignments you knew were impossible to fill because the supply did not exist at the specified location or the allocated compensation level was far below what was required to actually attract the talent? How many hours were you about to waste in vein with a highly irritated hiring manager breathing down your neck? With SonarVision Insights, you have access to key external talent data designed to help you build a business case around additional resources for hard-to-fill positions.

SonarVision Insights provides a detailed look at the characteristics and demographics on the supply side of the talent equation, providing accurate and timely data on more than 800 occupations in 500 North American locations.

A quick search by occupation and location displays key demographical information for worker availability, education, salary ranges, race, gender and more! With this type of information HR teams and workforce planners can:

  • Ensure you are EEO compliant based on regional demographics
  • Plan for strategic growth in new markets
  • Identify target salary ranges for new positions
  • Ensure the talent exists to handle new projects
  • Understand how cost of living affects salary levels
  • Much, much more

Business looking to expand into new markets can use SonarVision Insights to:

  • Determine the best markets to do business
  • View summary statistics of a combination of positions
  • Understand the demographic landscape to determine living standards and lifestyles
  • Identify the education levels exist to meet your business need
  • Know the true costs of employing the talent your business requires

Understanding market demographics provides endless opportunities for growth and expansion, consolidation, remaining compliant and competitive.