SonarVision Predictive Analytics
As the industry pioneer in predictive analytics, OrcaEyes has continued to improve the accuracy and validity of predictions.

A handful of other vendors claim these type of predictive capabilities, but only one can be the industry leader and that is OrcaEyes. In a 3-year study of OrcaEyes client, OrcaEyes set the industry standard to which no other vendor has come close. Leading predictive employee loss systems can predict overall loss in the 1st year of large employee groups by 80% to 85%. From 2014 through 2016, OrcaEyes SonarVision Predictive Loss Analytics for the 8,000 plus employees of Arizona Power predicted attrition loss in excess of 93% accuracy – stunning and record setting! SonarVision Predictive Loss Analytics predicted 3-year employee Loss from Retirement by 96% accuracy and Voluntary loss by 89%.

OrcaEyes and its clients are taking organizations to the next level through innovative solutions that drive meaningful business results. While there are several examples of this trend occurring in its customer base, one client, Alliant Techsystems Inc. (ATK), stands out and took home Workforce Management’s prestigious Optimas Award for Innovation.

ATK is one of OrcaEyes’ original clients and.  At ATK, using predictive analytics to determine workforce behavior enables the Human Resources and Operations teams to work more closely to ensure the business operates smoothly. And with unions having a presence in the organization, the ATK HR team can make better decisions at the negotiating table by reviewing trends to understand how changing benefits or compensation might affect the workforce.

“The work the team at ATK has done is unprecedented and is exactly what Human Resources teams need to be doing to help drive business forward. Predictive analytics and regression analysis are used in every business function—finance, supply chain, marketing, to name a few—but most Human Resources teams today are still simply tracking and benchmarking metrics that are only relevant to the Human Resources team,” said Dan Hilbert, CEO of OrcaEyes. “To truly understand how metrics like turnover, retirement and recruiting affect the organization; the metrics need to be correlated to the business outcomes.”

A word of warning from OrcaEyes CEO, Dan Hilbert, “Statistically, predictive loss analytics can be no more than 25% accurate. It’s simple math and sampling size. Whereas SonarVision shows the 4 primary reasons for potential employee turnover, use of Predictive individual employee Loss Analytics, needs to be used with extreme caution in the real world. This intelligence should be used as an “indicator,” not a fact. And the use of this data to proactively intervene must be performed with high disparate impact rigor. To reduce legal liabilities, these interventions must be done with a program designed to ensure all groups are treated fairly.”