SonarVision Enterprise
Workforce Planning and Analytics

SonarVision Enterprise is the premier workforce planning and analytics product. Our clients have been startled by our ability to do and show in a week what others have not accomplished in years.
The development and deployment of a high–performance workforce is scientifically possible. Beyond wishful goals, theory and rhetoric, the ability to build a world-class organization that continually outperforms competitors is attainable. The solution's clear data outcomes allow business leaders to plan, direct, manage and optimize nearly all other mission critical systems, projects, programs and operations right from their desktop.

SonarVision Enterprise includes a combination of modules designed to optimize your Human Capital Insights. Workforce Planning SonarVision is a comprehensive workforce planning and analytics system that enables supply and demand forecasting, modeling, simulation, correlation, scenario and action planning, financial analysis and diagnostics, as well as user—defined dashboards and comprehensive reporting. It delivers unprecedented value to organizations looking to quantifiably connect workforce factors to business strategy.

SonarVision is the first and only workforce planning and analytics system to deliver critical decision support tools to your desktop.

Financial Analysis: Organizations looking to build business cases or cost justify talent initiatives gain a valuable tool with SonarVision Enterprise. Our innovative predictive modeling paired with key financial data delivers unparalleled insight into the workforce planning function. Only in SonarVision can you measure the financial outcomes and report on the ROI of initiatives you plan to introduce.

Operational Analysis: If you can quantify it, SonarVision can analyze it. From basic employee engagement and manager satisfaction to HCAPHS and JACO scores in healthcare, SonarVision allows you to view correlations and benchmarks, and ultimately create and monitor action plans to optimize each of these—and your bottom line.

Diagnostics: Trying to ensure important information gets into leadership hands in a way that captures their attention? Workforce Diagnostics does the trick. A click of the mouse displays the entities or positions with the highest predicted risks and/or opportunities, so they can focus their attention where it matters most.

Business Strategy Correlations: In order to achieve successful strategic workforce planning, you must have a system that measurably links primary workforce dynamics—gaps, turnover, performance costs, recruiting, training and development—to the individual strategic business plan components.

SonarVision is the first of its kind system to allow leadership to proactively direct and allocate talent resources to the most critical business objectives, and then measure results to enable optimization of human capital investments.

Data Presentation: View your data as never before with a solution that is easy to use and includes a state-of-the-art dashboards and reporting engine. Identify areas impacting the organization, drill down to specific departments or positions, isolate labor groups and view only what you need to see.

SonarVision Workforce Planning and Analytics features:

  •  A workforce forecast based on selected metrics, attrition, retirement, historical information and current demographics
  • A graphical look at workforce health for up to 5 years out
  • A high-level look at the entire organization with the ability to view metrics by business unit and/or job level and drill all the way down to the individual
  • Gap analysis by organizational structure, business unit and job family and the ability to compare today's talent to forecasted requirements
  • Ability to apply benchmarking principles to the data, benchmark facility to facility or identify features of the most profitable entities
  • Ability to add and assign action plans that integrate with your existing talent management strategy
  • Ability to apply future talent demands and requirements to future talent supply
  • Visual representation of the data to assist business leaders in uncovering opportunities and diagnosing risks .
  • Innovative user-defined, easy to manage dashboards and reporting
  • And so much more!

SonarVision workforce planning can be integrated with most HRIS, Talent Managment, Financial or Accounting systems to ensure data is current and readily available. SonarVision employs proven proprietary algorithms for supply and demand forecasting, modeling, scenario planning and more. Behind the simple, intuitive dashboards resides a complex system that links the output of workforce components to the strategic plan, performs diagnostics on all critical factors and monitors the workforce for you. It puts transformative information into the hands of business leaders that is easy to read, understand and act upon.