Unique Offerings For One of A Kind Organizations!

OrcaEyes offers a suite of products designed to optimize your workforce planning strategy. Each of our offerings is distinct in the value it delivers to this important process. No matter which solution you choose, you can expect rapid data implementation, personalized support, the latest SaaS technology and ongoing technical and operational workforce planning innovation. We regard each and every customer—big or small—as unique and important, with your own strategy, sophistication and requirements.
SonarVision Enterprise
Featuring the best and deepest analytic methodology the market has to offer, as well as key tools for strategic planning and monitoring, SonarVision Enterprise equips leadership with tools and information needed to plan, direct, manage and optimize you workforce. With SonarVision, there are no "cubes" to build or data points to assemble; historic, current and future state metrics are accessible within days.

SonarVision Total Workforce Optimization
OrcaEyes just announce the release of the new Total Workforce Optimization solution. So, what is Total Workforce Optimization? Total Workforce Optimization is management of an entire client’s workforce to achieve maximum workforce productivity for investment in the workforce. Total Workforce Optimization provides ongoing tools to set workforce productivity goals in person-years of output, tools to optimize the performance of the workforce while achieving the maximum ROI on workforce investment. Total Workforce Optimization is also the most powerful solution for workforce reductions, reorganizations and post-merger and acquisition consolidations.
SonarVision Predictive Analytics
OrcaEyes pioneered individual employee Predictive Loss Analytics in 2007. Is a key employee in a critical position likely to leave the organization in the next year? Which key positions will have the highest turnover in the next 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 years? Most importantly, will the predicted workforce supply meet the demands of the business over the next 1 to 5 years? Will there be a gap? A surplus? What will the labor cost and productivity implications be? OrcaEyes has set the standard, by far, in a recent 3-year study with client Arizona Power Systems SonarVision 3-year Predictive Loss Analytics exceeded of 93%!