Unique Offerings For One of A Kind Organizations!

OrcaEyes offers a suite of products designed to optimize your workforce planning strategy. Each of our offerings is distinct in the value it delivers to this important process. No matter which solution you choose, you can expect rapid data implementation, personalized support, the latest SaaS technology and ongoing technical and operational workforce planning innovation. We regard each and every customer—big or small—as unique and important, with your own strategy, sophistication and requirements.

SonarVision Enterprise

Featuring the best and deepest analytic methodology the market has to offer, as well as key tools for strategic planning and monitoring, SonarVision Enterprise equips leadership with tools and information needed to plan, direct, manage and optimize you workforce. With SonarVision, there are no "cubes" to build or data points to assemble; historic, current and future state metrics are accessible within days.

SonarVision Insights

The award–winning SonarVision Insights tool from OrcaEyes searches more than 300 million records and scientifically delivers key data on more than 800 occupations in 500 North American locations. SonarVision Insights analyzes occupation, compensation, geographic, employment and demographic data to accurately find and profile targeted talent pools for recruiting and benchmarking, including diversity specific talent pools and the corresponding ease or road blocks recruiting efforts will encounter.

SonarVision On Demand

SonarVision on Demand allows organizations to quickly obtain a high level picture of their workforce health based on common and easily accessible data. In a matter of minutes, SonarVision will produce a comprehensive 33–metric report detailing information on turnover, time–to–fill, aging demographics, diversity make up and more.