OrcaEyes Launches New "Intelligent" Analytic Modular Solutions to Help Organization's Optimize their Talent Management Strategies

OrcaEyes, the leading provider of strategic Human Capital solutions including workforce analytics and workforce planning, announced today the launch of a next generation line of module-based solutions. These new intelligent modules enable Human Resources professionals and business leaders to optimize their talent management strategies by addressing the highest priorities of strategic HR. While today’s generation of talent management offerings provide vast processing capabilities in recruiting, performance review, learning, succession, compensation and EEO, OrcaEyes’ 14 new modules address specific functions by adding intelligence to help direct processes that drive real value from those Talent Management tools with a targeted analysis and view of the workforce

OrcaEyes has spent the past six months conducting research—with clients, HR and Talent Management leaders, industry thought leaders and analysts—to identify the real needs of corporate HR and Talent Management groups. Resoundingly the feedback came: respond to our real and unique challenges with solutions that are quick to deploy, easy to use with little or no training, include subject matter expertise and best practices, do not require long term contracts, use familiar terms, and ultimately deliver specific, high-value results.

In response to these findings, OrcaEyes expanded its third generation software platform to perform sophisticated analytics, planning and business intelligence to meet these demands through modules for each strategic Talent Management function, including:

  • Leadership, Top Performer and/or Critical Position Retention and Development
  • Succession Planning and Bench Strength
  • Supply-Demand Forecasting
  • Proactive Recruiting with External Labor Supply & Cost
  • Diversity Initiatives
  • Retirement Planning and Benchmarking

“From my own experience, I know HR leadership lives in a demanding, fast-pace and high-pressure environment where talent management challenges and objectives change daily. Having sophisticated talent management systems that require extensive time and monetary resources, as well as buy in from line managers, only to then have them deliver little tangible return on investment can make their jobs even more complex, confusing and frustrating,” said Dan Hilbert, CEO of OrcaEyes. “With the introduction of our new Intelligent modules—which include best practice recommendations—we are empowering these leaders to optimize the processes surrounding these systems in order to create better results.”

“In real world HR, there’s no time, resources or budget for rocket science. Our solutions aggregate data from a number of in-house systems to perform correlations and analysis, allowing specific pieces to be presented to leaders in an easily digestible and actionable form so they can make intelligent data-driven decisions,” added Hilbert

OrcaEyes Intelligent modules reside on a single platform and are fully configured to satisfy unique organizational needs; and each Intelligence module is an integrated building block that empowers HR leadership to work strategically within its own speed, budget and leadership support constraints. They are, essentially, fail proof if the user acts on the information presented.

"Each Intelligence module delivers results, solutions, decision points and best practices through highly intuitive dashboard presentations. Because the modules are all unified and derived from our state-of-the-art SonarVision Enterprise 3 Workforce Planning and Analytic Platform, users who learn to navigate one module, can easily add new modules as they are ready,” noted Lori Morgan, OrcaEyes VP of Marketing and Customer Relations.

OrcaEyes has been delivering software solutions for workforce planning and analytics since 2007, providing Human Resources and Operational leadership with best practices for optimizing the use, engagement and productivity of the workforce throughout the organization. The SonarVision Modules are currently available for companies looking to improve the performance of their workforce through the deployment of a more targeted approach.