Effective Oversight Requires Comprehensive Due Diligence

The Board of Directors is the organization's ruling body, ultimately responsible for corporate governance, protecting shareholder interests, management oversight, approval of the strategic direction, risk management and more recently compliance with the new SEC Regulations including Executive Compensation.

While Boards have always been exposed to legal obligations, the thrust of recent regulation has been to reach more specifically into areas of business activity, creating additional obligations and exposure to legal liabilities. In this environment, the value of tools that can more readily identify the risks inherent in your business can not be underestimated.

The workforce is a key area of business that traditionally has lacked sophisticated financial analysis and, on average, represents 42% of the cost of doing business. The ability to understand the commercial condition and health of your workforce is at the core of business performance. OrcaEyes can provide Directors with the certainty that decisions are being made based on quantitative, scientific data just as you would a product supply chain or distribution program.

SonarVision Enterprise exposes an organization's unforeseen workforce-related risks with scientifically proven methodology. The workforce impacts every aspect of the business. With the right tools in hand, senior business leaders are able to answer the following questions affirmatively and without hesitation:

  • Is the workforce performing optimally or poorly?
  • Does the workforce deliver industry leading revenue and performance per employee?
  • Can you differentiate top performing teams from consistently under-performing teams quantitatively?
  • Does the talent exist to meet strategic business objectives?
  • Is the organization losing its top performers and becoming heavy with low performers?
  • Are downsizing projects performed with advanced technologies integrated with financial objectives and business drivers?
  • Is top talent being attracted into the organization?
  • What is the impact of overtime, short-term leave, long-term leave and FMLA on successful implementations of business objectives?
  • Can you view talent impacts instantaneously and proactively, up to five years in advance? Do these answers sit on your desktop in business terms and definitions you need to run the business?