Corporate Overview

About OrcaEyes

Who We Are

OrcaEyes is made up of business leaders, human resource strategists, risk management analysts and technology experts who deliver world–class workforce intelligence systems and consulting to businesses seeking to optimize organizational productivity and earnings by way of the workforce.

By filtering through data housed in an organization's internal systems, we are able to correlate information to locate gaps, redundancies, areas of risk, unnecessary turnover or overtime costs and then calculate their impact on the organization in terms of real dollars. Our expertise across a number of industries—including retail, manufacturing, healthcare, higher education, insurance, financial services—positions us to uniquely identify areas where these risks are at their highest levels. Once identified, OrcaEyes consultants can recommend proven strategies for correcting problem areas—giving way to better performance, reduced risks and a greater bottom line.

The OrcaEyes leadership team has been honored with industry awards for advancements in human capital innovation, workforce planning, talent management, talent acquisition, technology and metrics. Their acclaimed methodologies have paved the way for the maturation of performance optimization and management technology in other mission critical applications for the past 20 years. This experience and vision paired with unrivaled standards of excellence enables OrcaEyes to deliver transformational and disruptive human capital business solutions.

What We Do

OrcaEyes empowers leaders to better align their workforce with business strategy in real, quantifiable terms. SonarVision, is a workforce intelligence system that provides leaders with advanced decision support through monitoring, diagnosing, analyzing, optimizing and proactively alerting them of pending workforce problems and threats before they occur. And all the information is delivered in real-time, actionable dashboards.

Predictive, data driven workforce intelligence empowers leadership to put in place measures that allow for increases business value, more rapid innovation, accelerated business performance; and leaders can explain their results to stakeholders in quantifiable terms. OrcaEyes' solutions are relevant to leaders in every business practice—finance, operations, GRC, human resources and the executive office and Board of Directors. The company's mission is to enable clients to successfully accomplish and exceed their strategic objectives.


OrcaEyes' customer base is in a state of rapid growth. We currently manage more than a dozen clients, half of which are in the Fortune 500. In addition, OrcaEyes has formed relationships with major consulting firms who utilize SonarVision On Demand to attract new clients. OrcaEyes' customers have recognized as high as a 900% ROI using the technology and the company continues to exceed client expectations with quarterly business performance updates and new insights.


OrcaEyes' partners recognize great value from the alliance and the ability to market its technology solutions. Partners such as and Crain use the services to attract new clients and/or interaction with their respective firms. OrcaEyes' leadership's tenure in the human capital management market also lends to its credibility among industry players in that many personal relationships are mature and have been in place for a number of years.

Products and Services

SonarVision Enterprise

The industry's first enterprise–class Workforce Intelligence Solution, SonarVision, equips leadership with the tools and information to plan, direct, manage and optimize nearly all other mission critical systems, projects, programs and operations. Answer today's most critical workforce related questions as they relate to financial and operational performance, then proactively align and optimize your talent strategy to meet your most critical business objectives.

Workforce Planning

Workforce Planning system including, demand forecasting, supply forecasting, modeling, simulation, correlation, scenario planning, solution planning, action planning (can be assigned to individual specialists), action plan tracking, ROI analysis, ROI tracker, real–time monitoring, diagnostics and reporting.

SonarVision Insights

The Award Winning solution searches over 300 million records and scientifically delivers the industry's first Talent Supply Forecasting, Analytics and locator including 800 specific position groups for 500 metro areas. OrcaEyes' expert system analyzes occupation, compensation, geographic, financial, industry, employment and demographic data to accurately find and profile targeted talent pools that match organizational culture, including diversity specific talent pools and the corresponding ease or road blocks recruiting efforts will encounter.

SonarVision On Demand

SonarVision On Demand allows organizations to obtain a high level picture of their workforce health based on common and easily accessible data. In a matter of minutes, SonarVision will diagnose any pending risks to your organization based on such factors as turnover, time–to–fill, aging demographics, employee engagement and more. Prospective clients can access an introductory trial offer of SonarVision On Demand through the OrcaEyes website.