Enabling World–Class Organizations, Increasing Revenue, Delivering Results!

OrcaEyes was founded by Dan Hilbert in 2007 with the vision of positioning human capital inside organizations as a strategic business advantages. In the past several years, the OrcaEyes leadership team has clearly seen a convergence of technology, process and data capable of delivering unprecedented business performance; and it is our belief that Human Capital Management is on the threshold of transformation from cost center to leading driver of value creation. In response it has become our mission to assist our clients in successfully accomplishing and exceeding their strategic plan objectives by delivering predictive, data-driven, business intelligence solutions that empower leadership to deliver increased value, innovation and industry leading performance.

OrcaEyes' experience, vision and commitment to excellence allow us to deliver disruptive and transformational Human Capital business solutions. Over the past four years, OrcaEyes and its founder have been honored with major industry awards for advancements in Human Capital innovation, workforce planning, talent management, talent acquisition, technology and metrics. Dan Hilbert has successfully pioneered the maturation of performance optimization and management technology in mission critical applications for more than 20 years.

With more than more than 100 years of combined experience leading HR and Technology firms, we are acutely aware that highly satisfied customers not only renew contracts, they also expand service usage. We have been very fortunate that in today's competitive market, happy customers have provided our number one source of new business—a referral to their colleagues.